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Build the skills you need to manage challenging behaviour with confidence. Learn from online courses, interactive coaching and individualised consulting.

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Anne Dobson is an experienced teacher with proven expertise in positive behaviour support. Her practical and direct courses, coaching and consulting give you the skills and strategies you need so you can start managing difficult behaviour right now.


Our online course Great Expectations will teach you how you can finally break through and communicate effectively with your child.

Assessments to Help Your Learning

We provide built in quizzes and learning guides to assist you with retention of information.



We teach you how to help your child reach their full potential using simple, effective and meaningful strategies so you can make lasting change in your child’s life.

We build relationships

Relationships are crucial… we teach you how to build, maintain and nurture a relationship with your child.
Are you a family or organisation looking for detailed behaviour management strategies tailored to your specific needs? We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you.

Anne Dobson

BArts GradDip Ed GradCert Inclusive Ed

About Us

Over the years, I’ve learned that effective behaviour management has 3 key steps: Communication, Support, and Feedback. Effective Behaviour Management is about communication. We often have unspoken or unwritten expectations about behaviour, but we don’t often communicate that expectation clearly.

Taking the time to clearly communicate what you want, provide ongoing support and regular feedback makes all the difference to finding effective solutions.

What people say

Deanna Trippett photo
Deanna Trippett

The course has also taught me to follow through on behaviours myself. For example, I am always saying I will be there in a minute or I don’t have time. Taking the time to show my kids that I will stop what I am doing at a certain time will make for happier kids. I think this will also help when I am asking them to turn off their devices. Seeing me follow through with the expected behaviour will also show them the behaviour expectation.

I really loved completing this course and I loved the guided notes section, I could see through completing each guided notes section how my 3 sentences of what I wanted my children to do changed as I went through the course.

Jacinta Baverstock

I started implementing each strategy as I learnt them. Was a great learning experience.

Nichole Dean

I feel like the course gave a very good overall lesson on interaction with children to get the best outcome! I found lots of useful tools to help in our household

I found the course great – easy to follow and the information really informative and easy to understand, almost back to basics but a great guide to follow to make life a little less stressful!!

Karen Klironomakis

Anne provides practical strategies with ongoing support at every point! Thank you Anne, your wealth of knowledge is evident as you tackled challenging questions and scenarios that were thrown at you. Thank you!

Ricci Williams

I as a student really struggled with school, I found it hard to participate in classes along with attendance. Anne worked closely with me and found strategies and ways to help me build my confidence to learn on my own. I thank Anne for helping me finish school and find the career that I absolutely love!

Deanna Trippett photo
Hannah & Tristan Cleary

If you are needing help or guidance with a young child or toddler, you have come to the right place. We have been struggling with our two year old, it has actually felt a little bit like the beginning of WW3 in our home. Anne has given us methods to try and holy cow the change in our little boy and the atmosphere in our home is amazing. He is happier and so are we, he is listening to what we are saying and we are all able to understand each other better. This woman is an absolute genius. We could not recommend her more. Thank you so much!

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