I started as a teacher in 2003 and also as a Year Adviser and then a Behaviour Management Consultant supporting schools in southern NSW before starting my own business Effective Behaviour Management in 2020.

People have always fascinated me; who they are, how they came to be, what makes them tick. Mum said that even as a toddler as soon as I could talk I was always off chatting to other people. I still do it now!

Being a Year Advisor and a Behaviour Consultant helped me understand the real story behind challenging behaviours. Often those behaviours have more to do with the environment and what’s going on in kids’ heads and hearts, than any fault in their character.

I saw so many families struggling to understand how to manage their kids at home. I felt for them as they confessed they felt judged when their kids misbehaved. And they felt guilty when they lost patience with them and worried when they yelled at them in frustration. I knew it wasn’t their fault, they were doing the best they could. All they wanted was a close relationship with their kids, but they just never seemed to get there.

I saw how hard it was for professionals to get support and training when they needed it. Time and logistics were always the problem. Time to attend courses, read books and notes, getting approval and so many other hoops to jump through made access to training overwhelming. I could see professionals needed practical, hands on strategies they could use straight away.

I saw first hand the social isolation that kids with challenging behaviour inevitably experienced at school. So many tragic outcomes could have been very different if those individuals and the professionals working with them had the support they needed.

That’s why I created Effective Behaviour Management with Courses, Coaching and Consulting. Each course is made up of twelve modules you do at your own pace. Each module is a fifteen-minute practical training video you access and use straight away on any device. No waiting to attend seminars or workshops, training is right there when you need it as often as you need it. Coaching can be added to the courses. Sometimes later on you just need to talk to a real person when you have questions, need to clarify anything or even have someone to bounce ideas off. Consulting is also available if you’re an organisation looking for customised training and support.

I’m excited about what the future holds for Effective Behaviour Management. It sounds corny, but I want to make the world a better place. I believe everyone is entitled to social inclusion, and I want to change some of those tragic, isolating consequences that come from challenging behaviour into better outcomes for the future for everyone.

Published On: January 6th, 2020 / Categories: Education /