Toddler with arms up

We often don’t remind our children what the right behaviour is until after they have misbehaved. We can also overload our children by expecting them to learn too many new behaviours at once. Without the right support, children get discouraged and frustrated when they keep on making mistakes.

In Module 2: Support, you will learn how to support your child effectively, so they learn the right behaviour quickly.

Module 2 Content:

Lesson 5: Show what you mean
Children understand what you mean better when you show them. Lesson 5 teaches you how to clearly show your child what you mean, and then get them show you how much they understand.

Lesson 6: Remind and Repeat

Save your child from the frustration of making mistakes by giving them regular reminders. Lesson 6 teaches you how to use key reminder strategies to help your child remember the behaviour that you expect from them.

Lesson 7: Take your Time
A lot of problem behaviours happen during changes one activity to another. Lesson 7 teaches you how to give your child processing time to know when to change from one activity to the next without fuss.

Lesson 8: Routines
Behaviours are not always single actions, but a series of steps that make up a whole routine. Lesson 8 teaches you how to use a step-by-step approach so your child will be able to remember whole routines of behaviour.

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