The extension of the current lockdown and continued remote learning hasn’t come as a surprise to many, but it is having an impact on both our kids and us as parents.

The biggest concerns parents are commenting to me include:

  • I’m struggling to teach my child.
  • What’s going to happen to my child’s learning when they’ve missed out on so much face-to-face schooling?
  • Are they going to fall behind and not catch up?

Here are three main things for parents to remember during this time:

You don’t need to be your child’s teacher

Be kind to yourself in what you can realistically do – schools aren’t expecting you to BE the teacher.

For most parents, teaching is not their prime skill set, remember, teachers take years of training and learning to hone their craft.

Talk to your child’s teacher if you have concerns and ask for their assistance in creating a specific framework to help your child under these circumstances.

Home learning is not as interactive as face-to-face teaching

There seems to be this underlying idea that the home learning environment will be the same as the in-school environment.

But it’s not. It’s completely different – so we need to be flexible in our expectations around this, and what is going to be achieved.

Everyone is in the same boat

This is such an important thing to remember when it comes to fears about your child “falling behind”.

Everyone in your child’s school (and across the state) are now under the same learning structure.

Again, chat with your child’s teacher to work out some specific strategies that fit with your child and their learning in the home environment.


If you need some extra support, I’m available to book in for one-on-one coaching sessions to help you during this time – click this link to book a session with me:

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