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The Attention Seeking Toddler

Master One has learned a new ‘skill’ this week – traumatising his 5-year-old sister by grabbing her hair and giving it a good ol’ yank out of the blue! As behaviour expert Anne Dobson told me recently, “toddlers need huge amounts of attention, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.” This can be behaviours like hair pulling, scratching and biting.

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5 Steps to get your child to clean their room

Fear not, friends. It is possible for kids to clean their own room, but you’ll need to lead the way, says Anne Dobson, of Effective Behaviour Management.

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Voice America – Feed the Need

Anne Dobson, an experienced teacher and behaviour management therapist and coach, from New South Wales in Australia, introduces us to her evidence based effective behaviour management programmes, which support parents, carers and educators in understanding children’s behaviour. Effective Behaviour Management is all about communication. We often have unspoken or unwritten expectations about behaviour that we don’t always communicate clearly. Clear communication, ongoing support and regular feedback make all the difference when it comes to finding effective solutions for managing behaviours.

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She’s the Boss – Effective Behaviour Management

After teaching for almost 30 years, Anne had helped so many parents and kids, particularly those kids with challenging behaviours, but she knew that in many cases, it was the parents that really needed the help with managing the kids at home. So she set up as a consultant to parents and created Effective Behaviour Management. Anne’s story is fascinating and you will wish she was your teacher, she’s just so lovely!

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Biz Nation – Managing Staff with clear language

Anne Dobson joins us for this amazing insight into the human language. We step through in this episode how we can best use this to manage our staff. This will apply to running smooth meetings, setting the correct expectations, right through to our base principles of vision and mission statements in our business.

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Communication is Key

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