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If your child only gets feedback when they misbehave, they become discouraged. If children are only given rewards as feedback, they see no benefit in behaving correctly by themselves. Giving direct immediate feedback when your child behaves as you expect encourages them to continue to behave in the way you want, and they learn to see the benefits for themselves.

In Module 3: Feedback, you will be able to give your child meaningful feedback that encourages them to continue to behave correctly.

Module 3 Content

Lesson 9: Positive Feedback
If you don’t tell your child when they are behaving correctly, how will they know they’ve got it right? Lesson 9 teaches you how to give your child positive feedback when they are behaving correctly so they will keep behaving the way you expect.

Lesson 10: Tokens
Many people confuse tokens with rewarding good behaviour, instead of tracking a child’s success. Lesson 10 teaches you how to use tokens effectively to give your child positive feedback.

Lesson 11: Acknowledgement
It is just as important that children knows they are valued for who they are, not just what they do right. Lesson 11 teaches you how to use acknowledgment to help your child recognised they are valued, so they can learn to regulate their behaviour.

Lesson 12: Logical Consequences
When all else fails, children need to learn the consequences of their actions. Lesson 12 teaches you how to use logical and natural consequences instead of punishment.

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