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Most problem behaviours happen because we haven’t clearly communicated what we want in the first place. When managing behaviour, we often say “no” or “don’t” or our expectations are too vague like “be responsible” or “be a good friend”. This can be confusing for children because they don’t really know what you want them to do.

In Module 1: Communicate, you will learn how to clearly communicate the behaviour you want so your children can understand.
Module 1 Course Content

Lesson 1: Positive Language
Positive language tells your child clearly what you want them to do. Lesson 1 teaches you how to change negative wording into positive wording so your child will understand your behaviour expectations.

Lesson 2: Active Language
Active language tells your child the specific behaviours you want to see. Lesson 2 teaches you how to replace vague positive wording such as “be responsible “with clear actions that your child will understand and you will be able to see them doing.

Lesson 3: 3 to 5 Words
Simple sentences using 3 to 5 words are easier to remember. Lesson 3 teaches you how to simplify your expectations using no more than 5 words so your child will be able to remember what you told them to do.

Lesson 4: 4 Ways of Saying
Everyone takes in information in different ways. Lesson 4 teaches you how to communicate using your child’s preferred learning style. That way they will easily remember what your expectations are.

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